The Protagonist is the unnamed protagonist of the Deep Sea Hunter series. He is a male by judging his appearance in the second game and drives the Submarine.

Appearance & Traits

As revealed in the title screen of Deep Sea Hunter 2, the Protagonist is a human. He appears to be from a tan breed. He wears sailor apparel and has yellow hair. He has, at least, three marks in the left of his forehead, which are possibly an injury, shaved hair marks, moles or a human feature of him.

It is possibly that he has some of his hair shaved, except for the portion that we see in his head. While the tan breed is uncommon, every human in the game is therefore seen with tan breed, becoming the most common of the game and the only breed seen in the game actually. It is possible, that if he would have appeared on-screen in the first game, he would have black outline, since the sea creatures and monsters have this feature.


The Protagonist has never shown personality, but he is possibly a kind and friendly person. He might be interested in exploring the aquatic life and might get surprised of finding new creatures in the oceans and seas.


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  • The Protagonist is one of the few characters to be humans, the others are The Sailor, The Fisherman and The Captain.
    • Unlike the three characters, The Protagonist doesn't have any lines.
  • Possibly in the game's universe, the tan breed is mostly common, as proven by how every human character that has appeared contains tan breed.
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