Aim Your Submarine With Mouse

–The Tutorial, Deep Sea Hunter

The Submarine is an underwater operation independent watercraft, and controlled by the player and The Protagonist. It is a class of water transportation and appears through the whole Deep Sea Hunter series.

Appearance & Traits

The Submarine resembles to the modern submarines. It has a yellow body and blue glass, and also the Missiles Launcher, that has a black inside. The Submarine's appearance depends by upgrading it. It start receiving black and red when upgrading in the process.

Real Life

Submarines differ from submersibles, which have more limited capability underwater. The term "Submarine" can also reffer to large vessels. Submarines also have a very wide range of types of any vessel.


  • Moving Mouse: Look Around
  • Hold Mouse: Move Submarine To The Cursor


  • The Submarine is the only known water transportation in the series.
  • Somehow, the Submarine can't get crushed by the water pressure in deeper zones.
    • However, players can only go when upgraded, and possibly the Submarine already resists to pressure when upgraded.
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