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Deep Sea Hunter series
The two installments of the series

First Game

Deep Sea Hunter

Final Game

Deep Sea Hunter 2

Creator(s) and Helper(s)

Berzerk Studio
Specimen Games

The Deep Sea Hunter series is a series containing two installments, being Deep Sea Hunter and Deep Sea Hunter 2. Both installments are point-and-click games, with the first game also ported to mobile devices.

Deep Sea Hunter

Main article: Deep Sea Hunter (game)

Deep Sea Hunter is the first game of the series. It is a point-and-click and touch game released in December 13, 2012. The mobile version was developed by Berzerk Studio and the flash version by Specimen Games. The Submarine is the watercraft and the player drives it.

Deep Sea Hunter 2

Main article: Deep Sea Hunter 2

Deep Sea Hunter 2 is the second and final game of the series. It is only a point-and-click game in flash version, released in December 13, 2013. It was developed Berzerk Studio. The Submarine returns to the game.


  • Through the series, designs have been changing for better qualities.
  • It is not possible to have a third game, since there has no been news of the game.
    • It is possible that the series is discontinued or ended normally.
  • Specimen Games worked the fewest in the series, only developing the first game in flash version.
    • Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

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