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Dive into the harrowing depths of the deep sea and explore the underwater world.

–Description in the App Store.

Deep Sea Hunter
The title screen for Deep Sea Hunter


Touch (mobile)

Release Date

December 13, 2012

Developed By

Berzerk Studio (mobile)
Specimen Games (flash)

Sponsored By


Game Design & Arts

Étienne Jean


Étienne Bédard




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Succeeded By

Deep Sea Hunter 2

Deep Sea Hunter is an adventure point-and-click game released in December 13, 2012 for PC and the App Store. It is developed by Berzerk Studio for the mobile version and Specimen Games for the flash version.


Dive into the harrowing depths of the deep sea and explore the underwater world. Develop your submarine that will help you explore deeper into the unknown. Discover long-lost creatures of the underwater world. Attack four mythical underwater bosses, hell-bent on sinking your submarine.
  • Develop your submarine to increase your speed, strength and fuel capacity
  • Detect gold to buy in-store improvements
  • Maneuver your submarine around sharp ravines and schools of underwater creatures swimming dangerously towards you

–Description in the App Store.



When clicking the "Start" button, we are sent to a group of tabs, those being the Settings, Improvements Store, Bestiary and Achievements.

There's also a space that shows the amount of coins created by Kizi, named Kizi Coins. There's a button too at the right, saying "Dive". Clicking the button will result in the game starting. At first, the game explains us about how to navigate the transport of The Protagonist, a Submarine.

The only control is the Mouse, when moving the cursor around, the Submarine will look where the cursor is. If holding left-click in a space where the cursor is, the Submarine will make his way to reach the cursor unless the player stops holding the left-click, the Submarine bumps with something, or it reaches the cursor at some way. After reading the tutorial messages, the Submarine is sent into the Sea. Through the sea, we see several creatures, that can be killed if the Submarine detects a creature in the area of the Sonar, a mechanic that detects them so the Submarine can shoot projectiles named "Missiles", which move at a fast way, trying to chase the victim.

As it seems, the sea is very huge like in real life, but there are theories of it being infinite in the game. The player must pay attention at Fuel Tank, which lowers the amount of Fuel and causes the submarine to stop moving that it has to emerge to the surface. The player has to avoid from bumping with rocks or touching creatures, which also cause damage and the submarine will have to emerge.


Seeing what appears to be a new creature to the player, the new creature will be unlocked in the Bestiary, one of the tabs mentioned above. In the Bestiary, the creature has a joke, fact or just a simple description. The game also introduces strange myths and legends, commonly known as Sea Monsters, giant and often horrifying monsters said to habitat in the Deep Sea. The monsters are considered to have the role of the game's bosses, since they take time to be defeated.

When creatures get killed, they drop coins and chests, which probably help to increase the amount of Kizi Coins when collected. In the game, the Submarine has 8 improvements, those are the Missile, Missiles Launcher, Sonar, Rotor Blade, Hull, Fuel Tank, Magnet and Gold Detector. The players can get Kizi Coins as they keep killing creatures and getting coins and chests. All of this can help to upgrade the improvements, but the improvements can upgrade to a maximum of 10 times upgraded, which, of course, make the game a bit easier.


Main article: Bestiary


Sea Creatures

Sea Monsters


Main article: Submarine

The Submarine is the watercraft that the Protagonist drives. It has 8 improvements, which upgrade the Submarine. The Submarine somehow can resist in the deepiest of the sea, but this is possible. It is the only transport known in Deep Sea Hunter at the time.


Main article: Improvements Store

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Improvement Name Store Description
Increase missiles damage.
Missiles Launcher
Increase the speed at which you can fire missiles.
Increase the range you can lock-on a enemy.
Rotor Blade
Increase the speed of the submarine.
Increase resistance to damage and pressure of the submarine.
Fuel Tank
Increase the quantity of fuel you can carry.
Attracts gold and treasure from a greater distance.
Gold Detector
Find more gold and treasure with this.


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Achievement Name Achievement Objective
Better Than Nothing! Unlock 4 Of The 16 Creatures Of The Bestiary.
Sailor Reach 500ft depths.
I'am Rich! Accumulate 10000 golds.
Fisherman Kill 100 Creatures.
Half The Way Unlock 8 Of The 16 Creatures Of The Bestiary.
First Mate Reach 1000ft depths.
Dynamite Fisherman Kill 300 Creatures.
Marine Biologist Unlock 12 Of The 16 Creatures Of The Bestiary.
Mr. Billionaire Accumulate 50000 golds.
Captain Reach 2000ft depths.
The Dreamer Kill Cthulhu.
Admiral Reach 3000ft depths.
Widgets Collector Get All The Upgrades For Your Submarine.
Gotta Catch'em All Unlock All Creatures In The Bestiary


Gallery of Deep Sea Hunter (game)

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  • There are more creatures in Deep Sea Hunter 2 that remained unimplemented in this game.
  • Berzerk Studio would later develop Deep Sea Hunter 2.
  • Kizi Coins are present in the flash game but strangely absent in the mobile game.
    • This is possibly because the flash game was sponsored by Kizi, while Berzerk Studio just developed the mobile game without sponsors.
  • Cthulhu's design would be changed in Deep Sea Hunter 2, looking completely different.



Main article: Glitches & Bugs
  • At times, missiles can stay stuck in a rocky structure.

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